Allen's Hummingbird Nest - Spring 2023 3rd Clutch

An Allen's Hummingbird nest from Oceanside California Spring 2023

This camera streams live in HD 24/7 with sound, so be sure to turn your volume up. You could also watch at night, thanks to the wonders of infrared technology approved by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

This session introduces you to Olive, a beautiful Allen female and her 3rd clutch of 2023. She has now re-used this nest 6 times. Olive using a window feeder close by and also frequents 2 other feeders on the property. She is an extremely experienced mother and will teach her chicks all they need to know, including survival skills.

Key highlights & events:

June 10th 2023 - Olive was spotted sitting in this nest. - See video:

June 10th 2023 - First egg laid.
June 11th 2023 - Second egg laid.
June 26th 2023 - First egg hatches at 4:07 PM - See video:
June 27th 2023 - Second egg hatches at 2:33 PM

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Olive on her nest in the Liquid Amber Tree
Olive on her nest in the Liquid Amber Tree
Allen's humingbird nest not much bigger the a quarter
Olive Nest in the Liquid Amber Tree
Olives 2 little eggs the size of Tic-Tacs June 26th
Olive feeding new chick after it hatched - June 26th

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