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Luna and Nova, Guess the Fledge Contest

The Fledge Poll Is Closed

‘Fledge Window’ starts on Friday, June 9th-11th. Fledging is when Luna and Nova leave the nest. Here’s your chance to guess when, which one, or both fledge the nest! For the sake of this contest, fledging means when the chick or chicks leave the nest and don’t return.

Enter your guess using this form below and click ‘submit’. Only 1 guess per person please. No revisions. The closest guess wins!

Contest deadline: 8:00PM PDT Friday, June 8th (1 day prior to the Fledge window).

The contest winner(s) will receive a Pennington hummingbird feeder. There will be a few feeder options to choose from. If you win, you will be contacted by email to confirm your mailing address.
Have fun and good luck!