Live Allen's Hummingbird Nest Cam, Streaming from Oceanside CA. Olive Returns for 3rd Clutch of 2023

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👋 Welcome to our live cam of a hummingbird nest in Oceanside California.

This Live Allen's hummingbird nest cam is currently streaming an amazing video of Olive, returning for her third clutch of 2023! Watch as she lays eggs, chicks hatch and feed, learn how to fly and leave this nest.

📽️This camera streams live in HD 24/7 with sound, so be sure to turn your volume up.
You could also watch at night, thanks to the wonders of infrared technology approved by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

This session introduces you to Olive, a beautiful Allen female and her 3nd clutch of 2023. She has re-used this nest 6 times. Olive uses a window feeder close by and other hummingbirds frequent 2 other feeders on the property. She is an extremely experienced mother and will teach her chicks all they need to know, including survival skills.

Here is a link to Olive's Feeder Cam.

🗝️Key highlights & events:
May 3rd 2023 - First egg laid 7:42AM. - See video:
May 5th 2023 - Second egg at 7:08AM. - See video:
May 19th 2023 - First egg hatches at 4:02PM - See video:

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Olive's 3rd Clutch webpage in progress as we go:
➡️Spring 2023 3rd Clutch -

🌤 Check live weather 25 feet from the nest:

⚙️For optimal viewing: If watching on a computer, hover over the video, go down to the "Settings Gear ⚙️" and select Quality 1080P for the clearest picture.

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