New Favorite Subject

The year of 2010 was one of those milestone years. We had the joy of welcoming Alyssa, our first baby. Alyssa Kayla Zapf was born on Feb 27, 2010. She was a, healthy baby, 7.65 lbs, 20” Long. We named her Alyssa Kayla Zapf. She now looks like both her daddy and mommy. She has such a sweet little smile, and with her adorable little dimples she melts our heart every minute of the day.


We are both so happy to have Alyssa in our lives. We enjoy every minute with her as she changes so much each day. She is such a good baby, we are so lucky. She likes to keep busy wanting to see and learn everything—we can’t believe how observant she is. Our favorite things are nightly walks, especially now, she just loves all the Christmas lights, hiking, going to the beach, and local lake. She enjoyed swimming class at YMCA during summer, Chelsi and Sierra (our cats) are a little jealous of Alyssa as she is the center of our world now, but they like each other and play together regularly.