Purchase Info

If you see an image you like and want to obtain a copy you can contact us with the image information and we will be more than happy to get a print out to you. Just let us know the Image number and size you would like. We will send you a bill or if you prefer you can pay via PayPal. We also have an online order-form you can print out then mail or FAX it to us. Your Print will ship within 4 days from receiving payment.

Sizes and pricing as follows:

Each 8x12 print is $19.99
Each 12x18 Print is $29.99

There will be tax added for California residence, and a standard shipping rate of $5.60 will apply to all orders.

You can use our order form if you wish to order by mail or Fax. (order form)


All Prints are Type-C are the most commonly used color prints in the art world. In fact, this is the most widely used in Museums and galleries around the world. After a great deal of research we were very impressed with the color accuracy of Fujicolor Crystal Archive Pro Super Commercial Paper. This paper enables us to faithfully capture the hues and tones of the original subject or scene with unsurpassed color fidelity and longevity